Terms & Condition

Service entitlements of the Customer under the chosen service Plan will be as applicable under the said Service Plan on the date of this agreement. The company however at its sole discretion shall be entitled to amend or modify the service.

The connection should be used for the purpose of subscription and the Customer cannot use the services for any other purposes.

At the discretion of the Company, the Customer may be permitted to change the Plan under which he/she/they have obtained the Service at such additional cost which company may decide; subject however that such change may not be made in middle of a billing cycle.

The Company shall allot usernames/email ids on a first come first services basis. E-mail service provided by the Company is free and on best effort basis. Company reserves the right to make it chargeable in future. Also company is not making any commitment regarding quality of email services.

We consider the 30 days is equal to 1 month for our billing. So if you recharge for a month the calculation of month consider per 30 days.

All Prices quoted are valid for 30 days from the date of stated on the quotation.